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All items by Loiudic&D are made with materials of top quality.


For a proper use and maintenance of our products please strictly follow these warnings.


Leather is the covering par excellence thanks to its naturalness, softness, strength and elegance. As our leather is exclusively of bovine origin, we’ve always given great attention not only to its high quality and pleasant touch, but also to the choice of colours, available in a wide range and able to satisfy your imagination.

Leather is being processed without changing the original characteristics of the hides. The presence of healed scars, differences in grain, wrinkles, veining, differences in colour shades and any trace that nature has left on it, is a proof of absolute quality that bears witness to its great worth.


Our fabrics, being perfectly in line to the programs of environment protection, go from classical elegance to futuristic modernity. Even in combination with leather, they are opened to infinite solutions to be achieved.
The frame is the bearing structure of each sofa and can be made with different types of wood. On it there are elastic straps with high resistance that enhance the comfort of the cushions. The padding includes the use of different materials, cleverly placed, proportioned and shaped in relation to the design, that ensure the sofa comfort and softness over time. The recliners, and particularly the bed mechanisms, are the flagship of all the production by Loiudice D, firstly because they complete the sofa in all its aspect, but also because many of them have such an exclusivity, originality and practicality that are second to none. Manifattura Italiana 100%
  • FRAME Wood fir WITH wood fibres.
  • SPRING SYSTEM elastic straps made up of polypropylene and rubber.
    • Seats: polyurethane foam at variable density with padding.
    • Back seats and armrests: polyurethane foam with padding or polyester fibres.
    • Leather of bovine origin, water finished, chrome tanned and available in different types: grain, semi-aniline, aniline.
    • Fabrics made with natural or synthetic fibres.
    • Different elements (foot, insert, base, backrest rod, glove, tray) made with painted wood and water-based paint and available in various finishes.
    • Elements (foot, base) made of metal.
    • Headrest with polyurethane foam padding fixed on a stainless steel frame, available in various coverings.
    • Cushions available in various sizes and coverings.
    • Welded mesh.
    • Spring mattress or with foam at variable density.
    • Reclining mechanism available in different versions (manual, electric or with lift mechanism).
Certificato Qualità All the items by LoiudiceD are made with high quality materials and subjected to production tests aimed at certifying their reliability and life. To further protect the furniture maker and in line to the art. 1495 cc, the company covers its products with a WARRANTY FOR ONE YEAR valid from the date of delivery against defects in workmanship and / or materials. Below are the six main clauses binding the manufacturer in relation to its direct purchasers.
  1. It is recommended that the furniture maker checks the status of the goods before its delivery. If there is any damage on the packaging a complaint to the carrier before he leaves has to be done. Once unpacked the goods, any "clear" damage must be immediately written reported to the company. "Hidden" damages must, however, be presented not later than 8 days after the delivery of the goods.
  2. If a defect might emerge during the period covered by WARRANTY, the furniture maker is asked to contact the company in written form by providing the following documentation:
    • ITEM CODES indicated on a fireproof plate placed under every single item;
    • DIGITAL PHOTOS proving the damage found; In the absence of the above, the company is unable to offer any kind of assistance
  3. Any repairs or replacements must be authorized and agreed exclusively with the company, following the vision of the above. If covered by WARRANTY, every repair or replacement will be made at the expense of the company itself. In case of a possible withdrawal, the item will be given back well packaged, with feet placed apart in a separate envelope, so as to avoid further damage during transport back. Otherwise the driver is not authorized to the withdrawal.
  4. The WARRANTY only covers the value of the item. It does not cover damage caused by missed use of the cleaning kit in standard maintenance, by abuse or neglect, accidents, exposure to sunlight and / or extreme temperatures, abrasion, acids, solvents, water, wear, damage caused by not company carriers.
  5. The damaged item, due to the reasons mentioned in paragraph 4 as well as defects in materials or workmanship discovered after the expiration of the GUARANTEE, will be repaired charged to the applicant, keeping in mind that: repairing times depend exclusively on the period and the availability of the piece to be replaced or repaired; the repair service might be limited. In neither case this WARRANTY entitles the compensation of the damage from the company.
  6. According to art. 1495 cc, the company is required to provide assistance exclusively to its furniture makers and their potential private buyers. Therefore, any written or verbal communication arrived in the company sent by end consumers will be considered void.
  • LEATHER: For a daily cleaning it is advisable to gently wipe the product with a colourless, semi-moist and clean cotton cloth. If there are stubborn stains it is highly recommended to use, as soon as possible, the cleaning kit provided by the company (OPTIONAL) or at least ask it for information to avoid further damage on the product.
  • FABRIC: For ordinary maintenance follow specific label attached to the reference sample. The beauty and durability of the sofa are directly proportionate to the type of maintenance and cleaning that is carried out.

WARNING: The company disclaims any liability arising from improper and not suitable treatment for the type of coating product.
OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE For proper operation and maintenance of the product please strictly follow these warnings:
  • Do not use cutters or similar items to unpack the product.
  • Do not move the sofa pulling cushions, armrests or from the headboard.
  • After unpacking following the transport, the cushions of the sofa may have some imperfections (wrinkles or loss of standard shape) in the padding or lining. It is therefore advisable to invigorate them with hands trying to give the covering its standard shape.
  • Sit exclusively on the seats.
  • Avoid sitting with wet or abrasive clothes.
  • Avoid contact with animals though pets.
  • Avoid excessive and direct rubbing on the covering.
  • Do not use water or solvent-based chemicals for the cleaning.
  • Do not use abrasive brushes.
  • Do not place the item directly on the walls.
  • Do not expose the item to direct sources of light and / or heat.
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In constant search for high quality, Loiudice D select s and uses the best materials on the market, from the finest leathers to the most wanted fabrics, from the softest padding to the most durable frames, from the most advanced recliners to the most original and practical bed mechanisms, always with a great concern to the environment.