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high quality of materials


In constant search for high quality, Loiudice Dselect s and uses the best materials on the market, from the finest leathers to the most wanted fabrics with a great concern on environment.


of bovine origin

Leather of bovine origin, water finished, chrome tanned and available in different types: grain, semi-aniline, aniline.

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made with natural or synthetic fibres

Fabrics made with natural or synthetic fibres.

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Leather is the covering par excellence thanks to its naturalness, softness, strength and elegance.
As our leather is exclusively of bovine origin, we’ve always given great attention not only to its high quality and pleasant touch, but also to the choice of colours, available in a wide range and able to satisfy the imagination.

Leatheris being processed without changing the original characteristics of the hides. The presence of healed scars, differences in grain, wrinkles, veining, differences in colour shades and any trace that nature has left on it, is a proof of absolute quality that bears witness to its great worth.

natural features of leather


Our fabrics, being perfectly in line to the programs of environmental protection, go from the classical elegance to futuristic modernity and are open to infinite solutions to be achieved even in combination with leather.